RealClearEd Today: New Fed Rules Could Ease Loan Forgiveness

View this email in your browser ( ** Education Today ———————————————————— Good morning, it’s Friday, October 28. This morning at RealClearEducation ( we have news, commentary, analysis, and reports from the top of the education world. At the top today: The collapse of for-profit giant Corinthian Colleges, a chain felled by charges of fraud and predatory lending, left students fighting to have their federal loans discharged under a little-known law meant for people just like them. But instead of a clear path to debt relief, many found themselves in an overwhelmingly complex process. New rules the Obama administration finalized Friday aim to change the system, but consumer advocates worry that people already contending with the existing process still face an uphill battle, reports the Washington Post. The regulations overhaul what is known as borrower defense to repayment ( , a statute that wipes away federal loans if a school used illegal or deceptive tactics to persuade students to borrow money for college. Wading into a battle that has become increasingly contentious and has divided Democrats like no other domestic policy issue, President Obama’s longtime education secretary, Arne Duncan, said allowing more charter schools in Massachusetts is the right thing to do, particularly for poorer black and Latino children who too often have no one fighting for them. Duncan, who was in Boston to speak at an awards event sponsored by pro-charter Democrats for Education Reform, said Democrats should be guided by two big principles ( , reports CommonWealth. “Our policies have to be based upon evidence and based upon facts,” he said. “Secondly, we have to be the party that fights for those who have a harder time fighting for themselves.” In an era of school choice, with charter schools and even other districts threatening to cut into their enrollments and funding, traditional public schools are fighting back with expensive marketing campaigns ( and retooled offerings to appeal to students. Some schools are even adopting the fancy uniforms associated with charters. Charter schools are the fastest-growing educational option in the U.S., reports the Wall Street Journal. Enrollment in charters grew 219% from 2004 to 2014 to more than 2.5 million, while school-district enrollment dropped by 1%, according to an analysis of the latest information from the National Center for Education Statistics. Below are a few more highlights of the content already on our site this morning. To see everything we have, visit ( . NEWSMAKERS: ( A jury awarded a former Penn State assistant football coach $7.3 million in damages Thursday, finding the university defamed him after it became public that his testimony helped prosecutors charge Jerry Sandusky with child molestation. Jurors deliberated for about four hours in Mike McQueary’s defamation and misrepresentation suit. IN THE STATES: ( Veiled Prophet Organization, a secretive, predominately white group known for Fair St. Louis and wealthy businessmen annually crowning one of their daughters Queen of Love and Beauty, partnered for the first time with the Royal Vagabonds, an African-American group formed in the 1930s when black men were not admitted to private social clubs. Today on RealClearEducation: *|FEEDBLOCK:|* *|FEEDITEMS: [$count=2]|* *|FEEDITEM:IMAGE|* (*|FEEDITEM:URL|*) *|FEEDITEM:TITLE|* (*|FEEDITEM:URL|*) By: *|FEEDITEM:AUTHOR|* *|FEEDITEM:TWITTER|* *|FEEDITEM:LIKE|* *|END:FEEDITEMS|* *|END:FEEDBLOCK|* ============================================================ ** Sponsored by ( Teacher Pensions *|FEEDBLOCK:|* *|FEEDITEMS: [$count=1]|* ** *|FEEDITEM:TITLE|* (*|FEEDITEM:URL|*) – *|FEEDITEM:AUTHOR|* *|END:FEEDITEMS|* *|END:FEEDBLOCK|* Analysis & Commentary *|FEEDBLOCK:|* *|FEEDITEMS: [$count=3]|* ** *|FEEDITEM:IMAGE|* (*|RSSITEM:URL|*) ** *|FEEDITEM:TITLE|* (*|FEEDITEM:URL|*) By: *|FEEDITEM:AUTHOR|* *|FEEDITEM:TWITTER|* *|FEEDITEM:LIKE|* *|END:FEEDITEMS|* *|END:FEEDBLOCK|* Research & Reports *|FEEDBLOCK:|* *|FEEDITEMS: [$count=2]|* ** *|FEEDITEM:IMAGE|* (*|RSSITEM:URL|*) ** *|FEEDITEM:TITLE|* (*|FEEDITEM:URL|*) By: *|FEEDITEM:AUTHOR|* *|FEEDITEM:TWITTER|* *|FEEDITEM:LIKE|* *|END:FEEDITEMS|* *|END:FEEDBLOCK|* Copyright © 2016 RealClearHoldings, All rights reserved. You are receiving this email because you opted in. Our mailing address is: RealClearHoldings 6160 N Cicero Ave, Chicago, IL Suite #410 Chicago, IL 60646 USA ** unsubscribe from this list ( ** update subscription preferences (