Morning Volt for 11/29/2016

11/29/2016 Visit RealClearEnergy ( today for more energy news and insight. Share: ** Morning Volt ———————————————————— ** The Oil War Is Over and America Has Won ( ———————————————————— ** Dan Perkins, Daily Caller ———————————————————— Dan Perkins (/authors/dan_perkins) , Daily Caller Two years ago, Saudi Arabia and the other OPEC nations declared an oil war with America. ** Hey Oil Market: Forget About OPEC for a Second ( ———————————————————— ** Liam Denning, Bloomberg Gadfly ———————————————————— Liam Denning (/authors/liam_denning) , Bloomberg Gadfly Instead of supply, the real question is about the future source of demand. ** The Future of OPEC: It Won’t Die, but It Will Become a Different Animal ( ———————————————————— ** EnergyPost ———————————————————— EnergyPost OPEC is facing some of the most severe threats in its 56-year history. ** Trump Needs to Embrace Obama’s Fuel Rules for Energy Independence ( ———————————————————— ** Reuters ———————————————————— Reuters Since the Arab Oil Embargo four decades ago, every president has promised to wean the United States off the need for foreign oil. ** Shell Considering Dumping Its Iraqi Oil Fields ( ———————————————————— ** Julianne Geiger, OilPrice ———————————————————— Julianne Geiger (/authors/undefined) , OilPrice Royal Dutch Shell is considering exiting its positions in Iraqi oil fields, according to industry sources cited by Reuters. ** Why (and Where) Oil and Gas Mergers Are Finally Making a Comeback ( ———————————————————— ** CNBC ———————————————————— CNBC Oil and gas players are finally inking new mergers and acquisitions, after nearly two years of moribund deal activity. ** How Utilities Can Become Efficiency Innovators ( ———————————————————— ** Michael O’Boyle, GreenTechMedia ———————————————————— Michael O’Boyle (/authors/undefined) , GreenTechMedia With future federal clean energy policies in doubt, proactive clean energy policy will likely be largely left to states in the next few years. ** A Dakota Pipeline’s Last Stand ( ———————————————————— ** Steven Mufson, Washington Post ———————————————————— Steven Mufson (/authors/steven_mufson) , Washington Post In the Dakota language, the word oahe signifies a place to stand on. ** ‘Diamond-Age’ of Power Generation as Nuclear Batteries Developed ( ———————————————————— ** ———————————————————— New technology has been developed that uses nuclear waste to generate electricity in a nuclear-powered battery. ** New Magnetic Field Theory Gets Us Closer to Nuclear Fusion ( ———————————————————— ** Steve Dent, Engadget ———————————————————— Steve Dent (/authors/steve_dent) , Engadget Researchers from the US Department of Energy (DoE) and Princeton University have developed a new theory on plasma that could help scientists figure out solar flares and fusion power ** Is Thorium A Future Option for Nuclear Energy? ( ———————————————————— ** Craig Morris, CleanTechnica ———————————————————— Craig Morris (/authors/craig_morris) , CleanTechnica Nuclear reactors running on thorium are widely held to be inherently safer than the awful pressurized-water reactors we have today. So why don’t we have thorium reactors? ** Shale Fracking Rebound Starts With Costlier Grains of Sand ( ———————————————————— ** David Wethe, Bloomberg ———————————————————— David Wethe (/authors/undefined) , Bloomberg The oilfield service companies that supply everything from sand to sophisticated robot rigs are seeking a new lease on life as America’s fracking fortunes begin to turn. ** Russian Oil Producer Pushes Deeper in Arctic ( ———————————————————— ** Daniel Graeber, UPI ———————————————————— Daniel Graeber (/authors/daniel_graeber) , UPI Russian oil producer Gazprom Neft said it was starting sea trials for a vessel meant to support oil work, including spill response, in extreme Arctic climates. ** Technology Makes Wind Power Less Fickle ( ———————————————————— ** Ryan Maye Handy, Houston Chronicle ———————————————————— Ryan Maye Handy (/authors/undefined) , Houston Chronicle Advanced forecasting technology is turning fickle wind energy into an increasingly reliable energy source, allowing wind farms to generate power more efficiently and grid operators to better match supply and demand, avoiding price spikes in wholesale markets that can send residential electric bills climbing. ** Six Unexpected Sources of Renewable Energy ( ———————————————————— ** Cat DiStasio, Engadget ———————————————————— Cat DiStasio (/authors/cat_distasio) , Engadget When it comes to discussions about renewable energy, solar and wind power often take center stage. ============================================================ ** View in browser ( | ** Unsubscribe ( | ** Update preferences ( You signed up for the list on Copyright © 2016 RealClearHoldings, All rights reserved. RealClearHoldings 6160 N Cicero Ave, Chicago, IL Suite #410 Chicago, IL 60646 USA