RealClearEd Today: GOP Reaches Out to Historically Black Colleges; Will Trump Address Education in His Speech Tonight?

View this email in your browser ( ** Education Today ———————————————————— Good morning, it’s February 28, 2017. This morning at RealClearEducation ( we have news, commentary, analysis and reports from the top of the education world. Pres. Trump will give his first speech to Congress tonight. Will he even mention education? If so, what will he say? Education Week has four things ( to watch for during his speech. Republicans are making an unprecedented outreach to historically black colleges and universities. So much so, that some supporters of HBCUs are skeptical and wondering what Republicans are up to. The Washington Post takes us behind the scenes ( . More celebrities are getting involved in education policy. Yesterday, we reported on Jennifer Garner’s speech to the National Governors Association on the importance of early-childhood education. Now, Chance the Rapper, fresh off his Grammy wins, is going to meet ( with Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner to talk about improving Chicago’s education system. Mike Rowe, host of the popular TV show “Dirty Jobs," is expected to testify ( today before a subcommittee of the House Education and the Workforce Committee on the need to strengthen career and technical education. When it comes to higher education, a new study finds ( that some students are getting lousy returns on online education. With the debate over safe spaces and free speech roiling many college campuses, some professors are now afraid ( that controversial statements will get them in trouble, and it’s having an impact on how they teach. Turning to state and local news, New York City is expanding programs ( designed to help keep students out of the criminal justice system. Some critics say the city isn’t going far enough; others say it’s being too soft. Here’s an interesting look at credit recovery ( , an approach to raising graduation rates, and how some schools may be exploiting it to push failing students through the system. Below are more highlights of the content already on our site this morning. To see everything we have, visit ( . Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter ( and Facebook ( . NEWSMAKERS: ( Three things Sec. DeVos can do to improve rural education. IN THE STATES: ( A new study finds that some students are getting lousy returns on online education. Today on RealClearEducation: *|FEEDBLOCK:|* *|FEEDITEMS: [$count=2]|* *|FEEDITEM:IMAGE|* (*|FEEDITEM:URL|*) *|FEEDITEM:TITLE|* (*|FEEDITEM:URL|*) By: *|FEEDITEM:AUTHOR|* *|FEEDITEM:TWITTER|* *|FEEDITEM:LIKE|* *|END:FEEDITEMS|* *|END:FEEDBLOCK|* ============================================================ ** Sponsored by ( Teacher Pensions *|FEEDBLOCK:|* *|FEEDITEMS: [$count=1]|* ** *|FEEDITEM:TITLE|* (*|FEEDITEM:URL|*) – *|FEEDITEM:AUTHOR|* *|END:FEEDITEMS|* *|END:FEEDBLOCK|* Analysis & Commentary *|FEEDBLOCK:|* *|FEEDITEMS: [$count=3]|* ** *|FEEDITEM:IMAGE|* (*|RSSITEM:URL|*) ** *|FEEDITEM:TITLE|* (*|FEEDITEM:URL|*) By: *|FEEDITEM:AUTHOR|* *|FEEDITEM:TWITTER|* *|FEEDITEM:LIKE|* *|END:FEEDITEMS|* *|END:FEEDBLOCK|* Research & Reports *|FEEDBLOCK:|* *|FEEDITEMS: [$count=2]|* ** *|FEEDITEM:IMAGE|* (*|RSSITEM:URL|*) ** *|FEEDITEM:TITLE|* (*|FEEDITEM:URL|*) By: *|FEEDITEM:AUTHOR|* *|FEEDITEM:TWITTER|* *|FEEDITEM:LIKE|* *|END:FEEDITEMS|* *|END:FEEDBLOCK|* Copyright © 2017 RealClearHoldings, All rights reserved. You are receiving this email because you opted in. Our mailing address is: RealClearHoldings 6160 N Cicero Ave, Chicago, IL Suite #410 Chicago, IL 60646 USA ** unsubscribe from this list ( ** update subscription preferences (