Morning Volt for 02/28/2017

02/28/2017 Visit RealClearEnergy ( today for more energy news and insight. Share: ** Morning Volt ———————————————————— Presented by ExxonMobil: Capturing carbon dioxide is expensive. We’re trying to change that by using fuel cells to develop a new, more efficient solution. Progressing one-of-a-kind solution ( ** Is OPEC Lying to the Oil Markets? ( ———————————————————— ** Matt Smith, OilPrice ———————————————————— Matt Smith (/authors/matt_smith) , OilPrice Has no-one really done a ‘getting riggy with it’ pun yet? Ok then, here it goes. ** Impossibly High Hopes for Supercapacitors? ( ———————————————————— ** Mike Stone, GreenTechMedia ———————————————————— Mike Stone (/authors/mike_stone) , GreenTechMedia Are supercapacitors going to spark the battery storage revolution? ** Wind Power Is an Attack on Rural America ( ———————————————————— ** Robert Bryce, Los Angeles Times ———————————————————— Robert Bryce (/authors/robert_bryce) , Los Angeles Times Urban voters may like the idea of using more wind and solar energy, but the push for large-scale renewables is creating land-use conflicts in rural regions from Maryland to California and Ontario to Loch Ness. ** FERC Sidelined While Energy Subsidy Fight Rages ( ———————————————————— ** John Siciliano, Washington Examiner ———————————————————— John Siciliano (/authors/john_siciliano) , Washington Examiner The nation’s grid watchdog has been out of service for nearly a month because of political wrangling in Washington, and already the ripple effects are forcing a faceoff among states, the utility industry and fossil fuel companies over nuclear subsidies. ** How Talking to Air Conditioners Could Help Prevent Blackouts ( ———————————————————— ** Max Opray, Guardian ———————————————————— Max Opray (/authors/max_opray) , Guardian For South Australia, it was a cruelly ironic one-two punch a burst of the extreme heat conditions that are so much more likely because of climate change, and a power cut linked to a simultaneous drop in wind that hobbled the renewable energy systems introduced to minimise global warming in the first place. ** Here’s Why the US Nuclear Industry Is in Jeopardy ( ———————————————————— ** Matt Smith, Seeker ———————————————————— Matt Smith (/authors/matt_smith) , Seeker After years of bad news, 2016 looked like it might have been a turnaround for the U.S. nuclear power industry. ** Coal Industry Casts Itself as a Clean Energy Player ( ———————————————————— ** Clifford Krauss, New York Times ———————————————————— Clifford Krauss (/authors/clifford_krauss) , New York Times President Trump has questioned the science behind climate change as a hoax in positioning himself as a champion of coal. ** The U.S. Is Transitioning Into a Natural Gas Exporter ( ———————————————————— ** Jordan Blum, FuelFix ———————————————————— Jordan Blum (/authors/jordan_blum) , FuelFix The United States is on track to become a net exporter of gas next year, driven largely by the growth of liquefied natural gas exports, according to the U.S. Energy Department. ** Europe Savors Taste of Brazilian Oil ( ———————————————————— ** Peter Millard, Bloomberg ———————————————————— Peter Millard (/authors/undefined) , Bloomberg European oil majors given a taste of Brazil may soon be ready for more. ** The War on Coal Emissions (But Not Coal Communities) ( ———————————————————— ** Maria Zuber, Wash. Post ———————————————————— Maria Zuber (/authors/undefined) , Wash. Post I grew up in a place named for coal: Carbon County, Pa., where energy-rich anthracite coal was discovered in the late 1700s. ** Coal Jobs and the Power of a False Premise ( ———————————————————— ** Gregor Macdonald, ———————————————————— Gregor Macdonald (/authors/gregor_macdonald) , Employment in America’s coal industry collapsed not five years ago, but fifty years ago. ** The Blue Collar Job of the Future is Solar Panel Installer ( ———————————————————— ** Dyani Sabin, Inverse ———————————————————— Dyani Sabin (/authors/dyani_sabin) , Inverse Tracy Wood grew up in rural Missouri, moving between small towns of a few hundred residents. ** Coming Soon: Oil Spill-Mapping Swarms of Flying Drones ( ———————————————————— ** Grove Potter, ———————————————————— Grove Potter (/authors/undefined) , Thousands of ants converge to follow the most direct path from their colony to their food and back. ** Could Liquid Hydrogen Power Planes Instead of Fossil Fuel? ( ———————————————————— ** Stephen Edelstein, CSM ———————————————————— Stephen Edelstein (/authors/stephen_edelstein) , CSM If you want to find a major source of transportation-related emissions, just look up. ** Natural Gas Prices Drop Amid Warmer Weather ( ———————————————————— ** Alison Sider, Wall Street Journal ———————————————————— Alison Sider (/authors/alison_sider) , Wall Street Journal Natural gas prices dropped amid a warmer shift in the most recent weather forecasts. Presented by ExxonMobil: Energy is fundamental to modern life and driving economic prosperity. We’ll need a range of solutions to meet growing energy demand while reducing emissions to address the risk of climate change. 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